• “The love of the rose will be tattered and torn without the thorn. The thorn will be mad and violent with no higher purpose to serve without the love of the rose.”

    Uncle Bearheart, G.O.O.D.S.
  • “The entire universe can be compared to a clockwork with wheels that engage with each other and which are interdependent with each other.”

    Franz Bardon, Initiation Into Hermetics
  • “Light and Darkness. One cannot exist without the other. There is no true Master, without the power of balance.”

    Luis Marques, Liber Aeternus

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Sources To Learn From Part Two: Radio Shows & Youtube Channels

In part two of this serie about sources to learn from I want to recommend some of my favorite Radio Shows and Youtube Channels. If you have any recommendations that I haven’t mentioned in this post, please leave a comment! I’m always interested in finding new sources. http://www.etteilascraft.com/wp-admin/edit.php • RADIO SHOWS • Candelo’s Corner with […]

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Sources To Learn From Part One: Websites & Books

“The more you learn  now, the more you’ll have to unlearn later”  An old axiom that has proven it’s worth many times during the course of my life. So when you start to learn, make sure you learn from the right sources so you’ll have less to unlearn later, that makes sense doesn’t it? There are thousands […]

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Who Am I?

About Me

At a very young age I had several frightening encounters with the spirit world. The kind of experiences that would make any young child’s bones cringe. I had no one to turn to for advice and guidance at the time and tried my best to close myself off from these strange and at times, terrifying happenings.

Many years later I moved to a small Dutch village where I lived next to an older woman who practiced the crafts of old. She told me the following words; “It’s very sad that you lost your belief.” She then gave me a book filled with arcane knowledge, which was much to complicated for my teenage mind to truly understand. She persisted I would keep it and that one day it would all make sense.

For years I tried to understand the meaning of the text in this big and strange book. This would be my first serious step into the world of the occult which would later drive me towards deeper studies of piles of occult books and grimoires. I started practicing the secrets explained in these books and would later find several teachers that would guide me to the “truths” I was so craving for.

Today I am still studying the secrets of the occult world and work hard to perfect my craft and abilities. Besides the practice of magick and sorcery, espiritismo / spiritism plays a big role in my life and I work with, honour and venerate my spiritual frame and ancestors daily at my boveda.

I decided to set up this website to write about my findings and experiences and also to offer services to help others in need.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope my blog and services will be able to assist you in finding what you are looking for!

Luz Y Progresso,


What I Offer


What clients have to say


  • Dave just gave me one of the best readings I’ve ever had and I’ve had many over the years. I’m also a professional reader myself. I sensed Dave was really talented but even so I was surprised by his tremendous ability. I felt he was totally tapping in to the emotional tenor of the situation. He picked up on the central problem as well as several related issues. He also presented very specific and detailed work that I might do to resolve the problem. He was compassionate, sensitive and tactful in his delivery. I suspect it might be hard to get an appointment with him once people find out how talented he is! Thank you so much!

    K.M. - Albany, NY
  • Dave gave me a deeply intuitive and highly professional reading. His unconventional style is well informed by his spiritual practices and makes for a very unique reading. Not only was he able to tune in to situations in my life but also provide me with practical spiritual steps to address the imbalances. You are not just getting a reading but guidance from a spiritual and non-judgemental reader.

    K.D. - Newcastle, UK
  • Dave’s reading was very on point, there were some things I was struggling with and couldn’t quite make sense of. Thanks to the reading I have clarity and definitive next steps. I feel like a big weight has been lifted off my shoulders…Thank you.

    D.C. - Kempton Park, SA
  • I want to give an enormous shout-out and humongous thanks to Dave! I just had a most awesome reading with him. He is straight and to-the-point and really drove home some crucial things I need to include in my practice. You are one helluva guy, Dave! Thank you so so much!

    P.S. - Toronto, CA

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